A new perception of urban environment
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Lifestyle, Sustainability and Profitability - the new concept of luxury!
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Alphaz does much more than construction services. Our exclusive concept and signed projects are committed to ecological responsibility, providing a unique lifestyle experience! Be part of Alphaz wellness way of life!

A new perception of urban environment

ALPHAZ CONCEPT is a company that has gained notoriety and prominence in the real estate market for presenting innovative projects.

Why Alphaz?

Reasons why our products are safe investments

Real estate is a family ́s most valuable asset that lasts for generations, providing a fixed income source through rents or high short-term financial return with future resale. Real estate value tends to rise over the years – achieving more than 100% profitability. Investing in real estate is a way to combat the effects of inflation, ensuring a profitability that follows (and exceeds) its pace. For those who already have other investments, this opportunity brings diversity in applications and can even reduce risks.


Reasons why we care about our Planet

In all our projects, we value the balance of nature and its preservation, building harmonic environments that transform the concept of sustainability.

We use Technologies such as Photovoltaic System, Biodigester System for Sewage Treatment, in addition to reusing rainwater, organic composting and working with reforestation and demolition wood.

Why are Alphaz projects different?

Luigi Romano and Eduardo Fernandes entered the civil construction industry to start the visionary idea of carrying out a building plan in a differentiated sustainable pattern, combining low cost, lifestyle and practicality.

Alphaz Concept was born with the proposal of a bold and accessible architecture, seeking to democratize sustainable alternatives such as the use of a photovoltaic system, for the production of clean energy, reuse of rainwater and composting of organic waste.

Our mission is to offer lifestyle through designed and customized architectural projects, optimizing the final cost. Always with ecological responsibility, investment viability and guaranteed return.


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